Waterfox standalone installer setup 2020 is available for free download. Waterfox browser is an open-source, free web browser Software designed by Mr. Alex 94. The Software complies with the GNU General Public License (GPL), where it aims for more ethical internet usage and more powerful functionalities. It is a web browser for X64 and ARM64 systems. It is intended to be speedy, ethical and maintain support for legacy extensions dropped by Firefox. Officially releases for Windows, Mac OS, Linux and Android.

Waterfox is continuing to support the long-standing XUL and XPCOM. It provides you with a high performance 64-bit version of Mozilla Firefox. The Firefox code was taken and complied in order to specifically run for 64-bit Computers. It was compiled using various compilers and using Intel’s Math Kernel Library. Streaming SIMD Exensions and Advanced Vector Extensions. The 100% fresh-free range, ethical browser Software Waterfox doesn’t sell access to your personal information like other companies.

WaterFox Browser History:

The Waterfox web browser was first introduced on 27 March, 2011, for Windows 64-bit. The Mac built was released on May 14, 2015, with the release of version 38-0. A Linux compatible version has been released on 20 December, 2016, with the release of version 50.0. The Android was first introduced in version 55.22. Version 29.0 released on July 22, 2015, had a built for iOS. From May 12, 2015 to November 12, 2015, Waterfox had its own exclusive charity search engine called “Storm”.

WaterFox browser offline installer

Salient Features of Waterfox:

Waterfox comprises of amazing features which are as under,

  • Waterfox has compiled with the Clang +LLVM on Linux.
  • Encrypt media Extensions (EME) is disable by default.
  • Web run time disable in this browser.
  • Pocket removed in new version.
  • Telemetry removed.
  • Data collection removed.
  • Startup profiling removed.
  • All 64-bit NPAPI plugins now allowed in this version.
  • Unsigned extensions and legacy add-ons allowed.
  • Sponsored tiles on the new tab now removed.
  • A new “Duplicate Tab” command added in new version.
  • A locale selector added.
  • Cookies prompt re-implemented.
  • Ecosia is used as the default search engine.
  • The Software also supports themes and privacy tools from Mozilla Firefox.

Learn More about Waterfox:

Here I discuss some other features/information about Waterfox web browser,

An Open Source Platform

It has more discreet access to Websites with integrated privacy tools and free-open source platform for people.

Waterfox Password Manager

All passwords are manageable with Waterfox private browsing.

Built for serving all Users

It is created for those users who are very keen on security online. They can also Sync their data devices to their computer for single access due to tight security.

Private browsing

This feature blocks every tracker automatically for fast and secure browsing.

Caring for Users privacy

It automatically erases your confidential online information’s. Every confidential data is ready for control and encryption from outside snooping.

Read later

It’s another good feature is that you can connect Waterfox Account to pocket to read it later. Inc. to return saved tabs for later browsing.

Sync between Devices

Get your tab, logins and History on the go. You are free to Sync your mobile devices to the Software, so that they can open their bookmarks, tabs and passwords.

Customize browser

It customize your browser and make it personalized Software with everything from themes to privacy tools. It became more personalized and fits according to personal preferences.

Get me done

With quicker startups and less hang time, that means Windows and tabs load quicker for lightweight browsing.

No Telemetry

It doesn’t collect any telemetry. You don’t need to worry about any tracking. Don’t worry about usage information.

Bootstrapped add-ons

It is such a customizable browser allow you to modify and extend according to your choice. You will even find some of the classic XPCOM add-ons ported over such as Down Them ALL!, Grease monkey etc.

Limited Data Collection

Waterfox sends back you is the only one thing that is your OS and browser version to check for updates.

Support for NPAPI plugins

Waterfox support the use of Java and Silverlight plugins as well as any other 64-bit NPAPI plugins.

Blazing fast browsing

It highlights its faster access to Websites, Start faster and tab hop quicker.

Balanced Memory usage

It only consumes the necessary amount of memory compared to other Web browsers.

Multitasking browser

It is capable of multitasking efficiently. Its tabs that travel, so you can view tabs on any device.

Share Tabs

When you install you will be able to share your all tabs.

Finally I am going to sum up my article named “Waterfox browser”. Here in this article I tried to discuss each and everything regarding to Waterfox web browser. Hope you Guys like it and also share it. For more updates, questions and quarries please visit our site and don’t forget to write your comment in the comments section.

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