FM Whatsapp Apk Latest Free Download

FM Whatsapp Apk Latest Free Download

Updated: November 27, 2019

FM Whatsapp Apk latest version is available for free download. It is compatible with Android smartphones. FMWhatsapp is a great freeware communicating app developed by Brian Acton and Jan Kaum. It is an instant messaging application that allows you to message across platforms. There were great features added that helps the users in every dimensions and fulfill the daily life needs in the field of communication. Due to these features, the FM Whatsapp Messenger has been become popular in a short period of time. Later the developers has released Whatsapp for PC, for iOS, for Mac, for Windows phones, Android phones, and for all devices that are compatible with it. In this article we have brought FM Whatsapp Messenger latest version for all Android devices.

Following are the most important highlights of FM Whatsapp Messenger;

  • The secure, simple, and reliable messaging app
  • It is available as business app
  • The confidential security (end-to-end encryption)
  • Create groups, share, comment, and discuss with your team
  • Voice messaging facility
  • Continue your conversation where stopped
  • Share your important movements
  • Send or share your important documents very easily
  • Video and audio calls that interact both the seller and buyer or two callers

Download FM Whatsapp messenger

FM Whatsapp is developed by two persons named Brain Acton and Jan Kaum in 2009. They were former workers of Yahoo. They have left the Yahoo in September 2007 and take a break from work in South America. Once they applied for a job at Facebook, but rejected. In January 2009 the Kaum has got a new idea after a deep search of apple store, because he bought a new iPhone. He started to search a iPhone developer and found on The developer’s name was Fishman belonging to Russia. Kaum introduced himself to developer and selected the name for app “What’s up?” (whatsapp).

In 24 February 2009 Kaum incorporated Whatsapp Inc, in California. Initially some versions have been crashed or got stuck at some points. Acton encouraged him to get success.

In June 2009 apple launched push notifications and Kaum changed Whatsapp. Whatsapp v2.0 was released with text messaging component only.

File Name FMWhatsapp
Developed By Whatsapp
Latest Version 2020
Compatible With Android
File Extension APK
Updated Last Wednesday
Files Size 52 MB

In November 2009 the Whatsapp application has been launched on app store for the iPhone. The first success he got abruptly with 250,000 active users. After Acton joined him and got more success.

In 2014 Facbook acquired the Whatsapp at the cost of $19 billion. Mark Zuckerberg has added some new ideas to it and in 2016 there were 1 billion active users of Whatsapp.

In January 2018 Whatsapp released business app for small business mans. It has been included in the top best social apps in the world.

How to Install FM Whatsapp;

  • Download latest version FMWhatsapp apk
  • Wait for the completion of downloading process
  • Now open the downloaded file and tap on it to run the it on your Android Smart Phone
  • Follow the instructions shown on the screen, and finish to complete the installation
  • Congrats, now you can use FM Whatsapp

New Whatsapp Messenger

Recently developers have released the latest version of FM Whatsapp Messenger 2019 for the year. It is full setup file for all Android smartphones. The developers of Whatsapp have also released the business app for small business mans. They can use it to share, discuss business deals with their clients. They can reply their clients with Whatsapp business app.

Whatsapp Messenger was available for iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry, Mac, Windows PC, and Java phones etc. It requires the minimum Android v2.3.3 OS and unlimited internet data plan. FM Whatsapp Messenger allows users to make free video and audio calls, text messages, photo and image sharing, music sharing, cross platform calls and messages, and even share all multimedia files.

FM Whatsapp Apk 2019 Free Download


Features of FMWhatsapp;

1. Free Sharing of Documents

FM Whatsapp has made it easy to sharing all kinds of documents with anyone in all around the world. Documents like spreadsheets, slideshows, PDFs, other documents, and more up to 100MB of file volume is possible to share on Whatsapp. Now you can share and receive what you want to. This feature is quite interesting, easy, and helpful.

2. Instant Voice Message

Whatsapp make it possible to record your voice and sent it from one corner to the another corner of the world. It is quite simple and easy. Just tap to record the voice and then leave the tap button to send to one who you want to. It helps the users to record a short voice message or longer stories to send anyone.

3. Security on FM Whatsapp “End-to-End Encryption”

It provides the confidential security for all your messages, sending, and shared documents with end-to-end encryption. The new end-to-end encryption system makes it possible that the message and calls made are secured. This conversation can be listen by you and the person whom you are communication. Do you believe, even Whatsapp is not able to hijack your message.

4. Share Important Events with Your Dearest One

It is possible to send videos and photos with your dearest one of important events. Whatsapp also allows you to create videos with built-in camera and then share. The messenger can send all you want to send in a slow connection and the receiver can receive it instantly.

5. Use on Web and Desktop

FMWhatsapp on web and desktop can allow you to sync all of your chat and conversation. So use a most convenient device for usage of Whatsapp purpose.

6. Group Chat Feature

FMWhatsapp groups allow users to keep in touch with each other. A single group has capacity to add 256 people in it. A user can share photos, text messages, voice messages, and any kind of multimedia file in a group. It is possible to rename the group, mute, customization of notification, and more other functions.

7. Audio and Video Calls

Make an audio/ voice call or video call with your friend or family for free. These calls can be made free from one country to another country of the world. A video call can provide face-to-face discussion facility among two people. Whatsapp messenger use internet connection instead of calling fees. You can connect your phone with WiFi and then make any free call to all over the world.

8. Free Text Messages

Send a text message through a simple and reliable messaging system. It is possible to send a message to a friend, family, or anyone in the world. FM Whatsapp Messenger uses the internet connection so you will not be charged any fees.

FM Whatsapp Messenger latest version full setup has all the above features in it. You can download it by following the given downloading link below. You can also check for newly released version later through the available option. Please share your views with us in comments section or share issues if you are facing. We will bring the best solution for you here. So download it here.


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